Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Chechen Themes

Prague Watchdog continues its set of publications in the Chechen Society Today series. The latest issue of the magazine (in Russian, 1(9)/2007) contains features on a number of interrelated themes that include extremism, memory, music, history, and the Chechen diaspora.

Said-Khamzat Gerikhanov reports on the current situation in the Karelian town of Kondopoga, where a judicial inquiry has begun into the riots that broke out in the town last August and September. Gerikhanov interviews Murad Musayev, a Moscow lawyer who is defending the Chechens accused of murdering two local residents.

Another item presents personal memories of a Grozny that no longer exists, in a moving description of an imaginary journey by tramcar through the city’s streets and thoroughfares, stop by stop past the colleges, theatres, concert halls, statues and other landmarks that once adorned it.

In the book pages, Asya Israilova writes about the young Chechen author Adam Salamov, and there’s a feature on children’s writing, including a review of a new anthology of the stories of Hans Christian Andersen in Chechen translation.

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