Thursday, July 26, 2007

Caucasus Cuisine

Darra Goldstein's excellent treatise on Georgian cookery has been widely praised. Now the hunt is on for a similar work on Chechen cuisine. So far, the only widely available information has been the section on "Food and Drink" in the Hippocrene Chechen Dictionary and Phrasebook by Nicholas Awde and Muhammad Gelaev, which includes information of a kind that really makes one wish for more:
Starters include Yu'ah', home-made sausage, and B'ar (literally 'walnut'), which is a kind of boiled haggis served with rice and garlic sauce...

For main courses, try Zhizhig Galnash - stewed beef served up with garlic sauce and pasta...

Ch'ee Palgash are pastry pizzas filled with cottage cheese, egg and onion, baked and then served up covered with melted butter.
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