Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Vilayat Nokhchichö

It appears that the takeover of the Chechen independence movement by Islamist forces is now more or less complete. At chechnya-sl, Norbert Strade has posted links to recent decrees by Islamist leader Dokku Umarov:

If there is still anybody out there who doesn't believe Mr. Umarov's words from his original video message, it should now be absolutely clear that he meant what he said. Through the last two days he has issued a number of decrees (now called "omra") in his function as "Amir of the North Caucasus", in which he once again declares the establishment of a "North Caucasian Emirate" and the abolition of the ChRI and its structures.The first two decrees (establishment of the North Caucasian Emirate;introduction of "sharia" law on its territory) have been translated into English, cf. htp://www.kavkaz.org.uk/eng/content/2007/12/10/9162.shtml The following decrees are only published in Russian at this point, cf.http://www.kavkaz.org.uk/russ/content/2007/12/10/54917.shtml They include in detail:
No. 3: The establishment of "vilayat" as an administrative unit.
No. 4: The conversion of the Chechen Republic Ichkeria into "Vilayat Nohchichö".
No. 5: The integration of the other North Caucasian republics-turned vilayat into the N.C. Emirate.
No. 6: The creation of the institute of "Wali" (governor of a vilayat).
No. 7: The abolition of the institute of President of the ChRI.
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