Monday, July 07, 2008

Georgian government condemns provocations

Via Civil Georgia:
The Georgian government has condemned recent series of explosions in breakaway Abkhazia, including the latest in the Gali district that killed four people.

“Those acts of violence are in the interests of those forces, which want to prolong presence of illegally deployed Russian military forces in Georgia; of those forces, which are resisting demilitarization and peace in the region and of those forces, which want to derail Georgia’s European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations,” the Georgian government’s statement released on July 7 reads.

“In order to prevent further escalation in the region, under the condition of withdrawal of the Russian military forces from the Ochamchire and Gali districts, the Georgian government reiterates its readiness to establish there joint [Georgian-Abkhaz] local police force under the international supervision, which will efficiently provide conditions for protection of fundamental rights of the Georgian citizens.”
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