Thursday, February 19, 2009

9/11 and the heirs of Stalin

The historian and Soviet GRU defector Victor Suvorov (pen-name of Vladimir Rezun) has published another controversial book which examines the origins of the Second World War and purports to show that far from fearing Hitler or mistrusting him, Stalin saw Germany's aggressive moves in 1939 as a valuable pretext for a major war against Germany, which would ultimately lead to a Soviet conquest of Europe. It was this, Suvorov argues, that led to Germany's preemptive war plan and the Nazi invasion of the USSR.

On his website, JR Nyquist reviews the book, and draws some parallels with the present day:

When asked by a journalist why so many historians missed the role that Stalin played in starting World War II, Suvorov responded: “Are you asking why they are all so brilliant?” If someone asks today why the CIA and FBI haven’t grasped Moscow’s role in 9/11, I must give Suvorov’s answer. It is an amazing truth, that most events aren’t properly examined after the fact. Myths are propagated and false interpretations become set in stone. This is because normal people don’t question first impressions. They are superficial in their analysis. That is the way the world works. To question a myth, one has to have a questioning mind. Facts speak truth only to the few. As Suvorov points out, “Poland was divided not in the Imperial Chancellery, but in the Kremlin.” We might also recall that modern terrorism wasn’t invented in Baghdad or Kabul, but in Moscow.

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