Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Ingush realities

At Prague Watchdog, Valentin Tudan makes a return visit to Ingushetia's capital city of Nazran, and shares his impressions (The tr. is mine). Excerpt:

Some changes in the city’s appearance are, however, striking. The new, European-style buildings, the facades of which are almost entirely covered with glass, the store windows, with electronic goods, clothing, furniture, all of which have been designed with a claim to metropolitan lustre. But all this does not change the overall picture, since the range of architectural styles is dominated by red brick and mud.

“Mussa,” I asked my friend who was showing me round, “let's go to the bookstore. I want to see what history books they have.”

“There is no bookstore in Nazran,” Mussa said gloomily, spreading his hands in a guilty manner. I had to make do with the meagre assortment available at two kiosks to which my escort took me. I must admit that I was shocked by the absence of a bookstore in Ingushetia’s most densely populated city.

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