Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Saakashvili: no danger of new Russian "military adventure"

Via Civil.ge:

President Saakashvili said that despite large-scale military build-up of the Russian forces both in Georgia’s breakaway regions and on Georgia’s borders, he did not think that Russia would “renew any large-scale military adventure.”

“That’s true that now the concentration of the Russian [forces] within [referring to breakaway regions] and outside Georgia exceeds the scales, which were during last August,” Saakashvili told a small group of television reporters after meeting with doctors in one of Tbilisi’s outpatient centers.

“But I still think that in fact now there is no situation for Russia to renew any large-scale military adventure. Because, firstly, all this was aimed at possible internal unrests [in Georgia] and as the recent developments have clearly shown that no matter how much money they will spent and what they will do, Georgia is a stable country and it is impossible to trigger serious unrests here. And on the other hand, we have much more international support today than we had last August,” Saakashvili added.

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