Friday, May 15, 2009

New national security strategy for Russia

On May 12 Dmitry Medvedev approved a new national security strategy for Russia until 2020. The document states that military force will be an important part of Russia's security, and may be used in order to solve problems related to competition in the field of energy supplies. While Russia aims to build a "strategic partnership" with the United States, and is prepared to discuss the reduction of both nuclear and conventional weapons, the eastward enlargement of NATO continues to be a thorn in the side of the Russian leadership, as the tortuous, neo-Soviet and ambiguous language makes clear:

Russia is prepared to develop relations with NATO based on equality in the interests of strengthening common security in the Euro-Atlantic region, the depth and essence of which will be determined by the Alliance's preparedness for taking into account Russia's legitimate interests in its military-political planning, respecting international law, their further transformation and exploration for new humanistic purposes and functions.

Hat tip: Marko Mihkelson

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