Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Latynina on Assange’s aim

"Assange's aim is not the maximum dissemination of information - what we have at present, that is. Assange's aim is to bring the state system into a state of paranoia, so that it stops distributing information within itself and adopts a strict information diet, is unable to make the right decisions. Likewise, what will happen in the world after what Assange has done is highly dependent on the U.S., because the situation is reminiscent of what happened after the bombings of September 11. The problem was not so much the damage Bin Laden directly caused to the economy and human lives on September 11, but the fact that the state, being forced to react to the damage, sharply restricted the freedom of citizens and their rights, and the simple physical convenience of movement."

- Ekho Moskvy, Yulia Latynina, “Kod dostupa”, 11 December 2010

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