Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Iranian Holocaust Cartoons

An exhibition of 204 cartoons mocking the Holocaust has opened in a hall in Tehran, next door to the Palestinian Embassy. The winner of the cartoon contest will receive a prize of $12,000. The cartoons are intended as a response to the publication last year by the Danish newspaper Jyllandsposten of caricatures of the prophet Mohammed.

Earlier this year, some of the cartoons now on display were published in the Iranian newspaper Hamshahri in conjunction with Caricature House. A few were republished in the West by the blog Irregular Times, which commented:
It is my sincere hope that a member of the staff at Hamshahri finds this web page and notes with interest how a Westerner reprinted the cartoons ... and managed NOT to be arrested for it. I then hope that the staff of Hamshahri might begin considering publishing the Mohammed comics itself, and resolving its own case of glaring hypocrisy.
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