Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Terror Topics

Jamestown's Global Terrorism Analysis has some items of interest today:

1) Abdul Hameed Bakier discusses the easy availability on the Web of instructions for making liquid explosives. Sites offering detailed information include the website of the Palestinian al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade. This is one site that today's meeting of interior ministers and EU officials might have wanted to direct its attention to.

2) Michael Scheuer examines the London airline terror plot, observing that
perhaps most troubling for the West, there is no sign that any of the 24 Islamists arrested last week in the United Kingdom were motivated by their hatred for Britain's or the West's freedoms, liberties and lifestyle—the motivation most frequently attributed to Islamist fighters by the West's political leaders and media. The arrested men, moreover, were not impoverished and uneducated—two more of the factors that Western leaders hold as major motivations for terrorists. Most of the arrested were middle-class individuals with jobs, wives, children and futures; several were ardent soccer fans; one was a record company executive; and another was a university student in biomedicine (Time, August 11).
3) Andrew McGregor looks at Hizballah's creative use of anti-tank weaponry, much of it either Russian-designed or Russian-supplied.
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