Friday, April 27, 2007

Soviet grave marker removed

From the Estonian government’s press office:

27 April 2007

Estonian Government has removed the grave marker

Originating from the situation in Tallinn and acting based on the “Protection of War Graves act” §8 article 2, the Estonian government has decided to immediately remove the Tõnismäe grave marker (Bronze soldier).

The objective of the government’s decision is to avert further brutal acts of public violence, which are realistic threats to the health and property of citizens. The decision to immediately remove the Bronze Soldier was made to ensure that it cannot be used in the future as a reason or cause for extensive and dangerous rioting.

Yesterday’s rioters found the police presence and the assembly of people to be a good reason to act destructively.

The rioters showed clearly that their real goal was to riot, destroy, break and loot.

These actions confirm that they have nothing to do with respecting and protecting the memories of those who fell during World War II.
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