Friday, September 28, 2007

The Grand Deception

An interesting piece by JR Nyquist on the notion, beloved of US conservatives, that "the Soviet Union fell because Ronald Reagan pushed it over."

Not so, says Nyquist,pointing to the new work of exiled Czech director Robert Buchar, who is currently making a film on the true origins of Eastern Europe's "People power":
Former chief of CIA Soviet Bloc Counterintelligence, Tennant H. "Pete" Bagley told Buchar that an unknown hand was behind the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe. "There was a different truth in this respect," Bagley said. "and that’s a truth that was so well hidden that I don’t know if it ever will come out…." According to Ludvik Zivcak, a Communist secret police official tasked with organizing the demonstration that triggered the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia,“Many people think or believe that in 1989 there was a mass uprising of the nation. From what I did, or where I worked, I am convinced that there was no uprising at all. It’s hard to find out today who wrote the script but it wasn’t written in America. America just jumped on the bandwagon at the end. So the script was most probably written in the East.”

Hat tip: Mark Pettifor
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