Thursday, September 13, 2007

Schroeder's message

From Vladimir Socor, a detailed account of former German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's almost unbelievably servile sales pitch for Gazprom and the Russian government. Money quote:
Postulating that a “democratic process” is ongoing in Russia, Schroeder urged “Germany and Europe to support this internal process without conditions or reservations.” Whether he knew it or not, Russian authorities were on that same day (Interfax, September 8) launching events to mark the 130th anniversary of the birth of Felix Dzerzhinsky, the institutional founding father of Russia’s main ruling group today.
As Socor notes:
At this stage, Schroeder looks more like a sinecure-holder than an effective asset for Russian policies in Germany or Europe. He seemed indirectly to acknowledge this fact at the Moscow event when complimenting Russia as “a country with which I am tied both politically and personally."
(via Leopoldo)
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