Monday, September 01, 2008

Definition of terms - 2

A. PROKHANOV: ...I think that events in Ukraine will not be long in coming. I think they will evolve like this, on the instructions of Yushchenko, who is filled with such ferocious anti-Russian energy, who is so brilliant, a Russophobe slightly poisoned with all kinds of stem cell toxins, he is now in a very aggressive mood. There may be a provocation in Crimea. Some clumsy oafs from Ukrainian National Self-Defence will attack a patrol of Russian sailors, they‘ll give this patrol a thrashing, maybe another patrol will arrive to help our patrols and give that UNSD hooligan a thumping in full view of the cameras, there will be a wild scandal, with people saying that the Russians are beating up the Ukrainians, there will be marches there by columns of Ukrainian protesters. But the Black Sea fleet is not just a heap of iron, it is a corps of marine infantry, it is an air force, it is intelligence, it is the infrastructure of our defence, I expect a possible Ukrainian provocation by Yushchenko precisely in Crimea. For some reason I have the impression that President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin , who recently, in rather lapidary form but rather frequently, have expressed their ideas about the current process, made comments about it which suggest to me that they might now make a sort of preventive declaration, warning of the possibility of this provocation and asking the Ukrainian Russian public, the intellectuals, the Ukrainian and Russian patriots, to prevent this potential carnage, because Yushchenko is ready to turn Ukraine into a battering ram against Russia. To witness two fraternal nations quarrelling in this fashion is very frightening, so Mr. Kouchner, I don’t know what his attitude will be to the possible provocation, whether he will be pleased or frightened by it…

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