Saturday, September 06, 2008

Georgia was not to blame for conflict

As calls emerge for an international inquiry into what led to the outbreak of armed conflict between Georgia and Russia, Norbert Strade points out that the whole debate is founded on a misconception: is *not* about who did what in the months before the war broke out. That's of course an important question, especially for historians. But the real issue here is something completely different. Georgian forces never came even close to Russian territory and had no intentions to enter it, with other words, Georgia did not attack Russia, while Russian forces attacked and occupied Georgian territory, on the pretext that Russia has the right to interfere in an internal Georgian conflict. This is a classical case of a war of aggression, nothing less, nothing more. It started with the silly concept of a "disproportionate" Russian act, and now they are trying to move the focus even further away from the (latest) supreme crime committed by the leaders of the Russian Federation.

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