Sunday, February 23, 2014

Yulia Tymoshenko on Maidan

Yulia Tymoshenko's speech on Maidan, February 22 2014.

Below are some fragments in English, mostly translated from Ukrainska Pravda's report. The whole speech covers much more ground  - when a complete transcript becomes available, I will hope to post it.
"You are heroes. You are the best that Ukraine has. Heroes do not die. You are the guarantee, the strength. 
"Today you and I have a few important things to do. First – under no circumstances do you have the right to withdraw from Maidan until you have completed all that you planned to do in Ukraine.
"If anyone tells you that you have already done your job and can go home, and that everything will be made fine and dandy for you here – do not believe such claims, do not believe a word of it.
"Until you have completed the job to the end, to the last step, none of you has the right to leave. Because it is you who have changed everything, not the politicians, not the diplomats, not the world, none of them was able to do it.
"We have to do a few important things, one of which is to bring Yanukovych and all that trash that had gathered around him, to Maidan.

"When the snipers fired their bullets into the hearts of the young men who were slain, they fired them into the hearts of everyone. And if those who organized it and carried it out are not punished with the toughest and most severe justice, you and I will not be worth anything. If we let them escape responsibility, if we forgive anyone who fired a bullet into the hearts of our heroes – we will live in shame for ever.
"Those who perished will be our responsibility for each step we take next.
"I understand that  that people have stopped trusting politicians.
"I will be the guarantee that you will know what is going on behind the scenes ....  I do not only repent, I ask for your forgiveness for all politicians, no matter to which party they belong.  I want to say on behalf of them  all - the politicians were not worthy of you, of your blood. I want to do everything to see to it that you will see different politicians , officials, functionaries. And to make you part of building a new country.
"If the new parliament, the new government are formed without you - it would be unacceptable.
"I am going back to work.  I will not let a single minute pass without making you feel  happy in your country."

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