Friday, March 11, 2005

Chechen Proverbs

- Two enemies can hardly live under one roof.

- A worthy man cannot be without friends.

- A friend who lives far away is like a frontier outpost.

- A new coat and an old friend are the best.

- A united family of cats has defeated disunited wolves.

- When grief-stricken, hold your head high. Bow your head before other people's grief.

- An understanding friend is considered a brother.

- Sow seeds in the sunshine, and you'll sit in the shadow when the plants have grown big.

- The potter attaches a handle to a pot wherever he wants it to be.

- He who lives by the river knows where the ford is.

- Matchmakers are told even a dog's bowl is made of copper.

- Even if you have just had a good meal, make sure you have something to eat before starting on a journey , and don't leave your sheepskin cape at home even if the sun is shining brightly.

- Asked what was good, the hare said: "It is good to see a dog before it sees you."

- He who is too lazy to harvest his own wheat, shall have to cut rock for other people.

- The cat who has failed to get pork fat says it is Lent time.

- One summer day provides food for a month of winter.

- He who has been lying idle in summer, shall be running around in winter.

- Work as if you were to live forever, and be kind to people as if you were to die tomorrow.

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