Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Monitor

Robert Mayer has a post about a visit he recently made to one of the illegal Iranian polling stations located in Tucson, Arizona. He conducted an interview with one of the poll "monitors", and the responses he got to some of his questions were bizarre, to say the least.
He said that now that the Cold War is over, and since we aren’t fighting the “Ohhhh evil commies! Scary!” anymore, we had to find a new enemy, that being Muslims and “terrorists.” He believes that the recent bombings in Khuzestan and Tehran were covert operations by U.S. forces. He said that our foreign policy was specifically designed so that it would only create more terrorists, so that we would have a perpetual reason to be at war and invade other countries.

On this note, we talked about the nuclear issue. He insisted that Iran is solely trying to develop nuclear power for its own use, and that the United States is trying to make Iran dependent on foreign sources for energy. He says that Iran does not want to develop a nuclear bomb, and insisted that Khamenei issued a fatwa last year declaring their development a sin. According to him, the fact that Iran’s Islamic government can declare nuclear bombs a sin and and Southern Baptists cannot is “telling.”
The whole thing is well worth reading.

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