Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Turning Up The Heat

At Winds of Change, a post headed Russian Espionage Back On The Radar. Joel Gaines notes that
Now, British business travelers are warned to be alert for Russian espionage scams while they are in Russia. Australia is tending to an influx of spies from Russian (and elsewhere) and it appears US couner-espionage resources are busy as well.
He adds that he recently discovered the work of J.R. Nyquist,
while doing some research on Alexander Kouzminov - a former KGB agent who worked in the directorate responsible for Russian "illegals" - Russian deep cover agents, posing as Westerners in the target nation. Nyquist is brilliant in that he shares the same ideas, and for generally the same reasons, I have about President Putin and the Russia he is creating.
Read the whole thing.

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