Thursday, February 09, 2006

Violins on VOA

Anthony Barnett writes:
Dear Colleagues

Voice of America (VOA) radio has interviewed AB Fable about our Violin (or should that now be Voalin) Improvisation Studies CDs. This Friday and Saturday they will broadcast two separate programs playing tracks from all our CDs mixed in with comment. I think and hope they will play more music than comment. The programs will then be available on the web all week.

The two different programs will go out on Saturday FEBRUARY 11 and Sunday FEBRUARY 12

Matthew Lavoie producer of the programs has sent me the following message about difficulties that might be encountered negotiating the VOA website:


Our website is a confusing mess. It is damn near impossible for most of us in the building to figure it out. The program will air in French and English. The easiest place to hear it is (I know this page works!)

I don't think the programs are broadcast in real time on the web but they are put on the site immediately after radio broadcast.

The Saturday evening program is broadcast at 19.00 UTC
The Sunday evening program at 20.00 UTC

In short by late afternoon Saturday the program should be on the website and the same goes for the program on Sunday evening. The programs will be on the site all week, until they are replaced by the following weekend's Blues and Jazz programs.

Interested listeners should just click on the link under Du Blues au Jazz.

I will try and get you the link to the other [English] page as well.


Thank you for allowing me to post this message and happy listening.


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