Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Qana - Questions

This Israeli blogger has some questions about what happened at Qana. In particular:
The Time Gap: The IDF photos and records indicate that the building was hit (either directly or the launchers next to the building) between 12 and 1am. The building did not fall until 8am (seed) - seven to eight hours after the bombs hit. There is no explanation for this gap in time. If the building collapsed as a result of the bombs, why were there dozens of children in the building 8 hours later? And if the building did not collapse as a result of the bombs, why did it collapse?

The Banner: within a few hours of the building collapse, there was a large rally in Beirut against Israel and the US. The rally featured a 30+ foot long poster featuring a picture of Condi and the words ""The massacre of children in Qana 2, is the gift of Rice. The clever bombs..Stupid". According to one comment that I have seen on Israel Matzav (by someone claiming to be a professional printer), making such a poster would be an all-day affair. In other words, for such a large, high-quality poster to be ready and in place within hours of the Qana incident, production would have had to start before the building fell down (hmmmm).

Read the whole thing.
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