Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Baltic Visit

The Queen is on an official visit to the Baltic States:

The Queen has paid tribute to the Baltic states during the keynote speech of her tour of the region.

The monarch addressed the Lithuanian parliament in the capital, Vilnius, on the first full day of her visit.

She said Baltic nations had "emerged from the shadow of the Soviet Union and blossomed as sovereign states".

At Estland, as part of a continuing discussion on how far the Baltic States can be considered part of Scandinavia, and on where the cultural and geopolitical limits of Scandinavia actually life, Jens-Olaf looks forward to the Queen’s visit to Tallinn later this week (October 19-20), and considers some of the traditional commercial and trading connections between Britain and Estonia. He also links to an interesting article on Estonia’s role and position in Europe.
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