Monday, October 16, 2006

Pärt: Politkovskaya's Murder Like Death of Martin Luther King

Via Postimees [my tr]:

Pärt Compares Politkovskaya’s Murder with Death of Martin Luther King

16.10.2006 11:34

PM Online

To honour the memory of Anna Politkovskaya, the well-known Estonian composer Arvo Pärt has made a “commemorative gesture” and has decided to dedicate the performance of all his works in the 2006/2007 concert season, “no matter where they are performed”, to the murdered Russian woman journalist.

“I call on all performers of my works to announce this wish of mine to the listeners,” Pärt said in a statement distributed by the composer.

Pärt says that Anna Politkovskaya gave the whole of her talent and energy, and ultimately her life, so that people should know and be aware of what brutal crimes are taking place in Russia.

“Her death is reminiscent of the death of Martin Luther King, which in its day became the last drop in a cup that was filled to overflowing. Now in the same way we must hope that this murder which has to all intents and purposes been legalized by the Russian authorities will make more people think about what is really going on in Russia,” Pärt said.

The composer says that Politkovskaya’s murder must free the world from dangerous illusions with regard to Russia.

Text in Estonian here.

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