Wednesday, May 24, 2017

All Chechen Facebook Groups Closed

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    Akhmed Zakayev, Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, Report on Conference, Brussels, 15.05.2017 (Rus)
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    Mark Zuckerberg's data mining racket censors Chechens just as it did Ukrainians when in 2014.
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    WTF . Is this true? What has Zuck allowed FB to become?
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    Why would you close down the Independence for Chechnya page? Please reconsider!
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    A victim of the /Russia collusion
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    1 admin of the "Independence for Chechnya!" facebook group wrote to kadyrovist Artur Tokaev it's not good to torture people, unfriended.....
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    They have closed ALL Chechen facebook groups.
  8. Independence for Chechnya! facebook page was closed today. Russia has captured power in FB, please help to recover it.

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