Monday, May 15, 2017

And Who's the 'Wahhabi' Now?

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Secretary General of the World Islamic League allows the thing that made Kadyrov terribly unhappy

Remove the hijab or leave the country. That was the difficult choice faced by observant Muslims outside their native regions, Secretary General of the World Islamic League Sheikh Muhammad Al-Issa said in his speech in Brussels.

It's interesting that a sheikh from a Wahhabi state, Saudi Arabia, allows both options. And this at a time when some Russian officials fighting Islamic extremism do not accept rejection of the hijab under the pressure of secular law.

“A Muslim must respect the constitutions and laws and culture of the countries in which they live,” the Sheikh said in his address, and also in a series of tweets on Twitter.

“Should the laws not allow head-covering, a request to wear the hijab must only be made through the proper and legal channels and if such a request is rejected, Muslim residents have the option either to abide by the state’s regulations or leave the country.”

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has not yet commented on the appeal of his good friend, who presented him with a gift during his December visit to Grozny.

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