Friday, March 10, 2006

FSB Terrorism

In 1999, the Russians again went to war against Chechnya – a war which is still ongoing. It was started by the President Elect, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, who had been recruited from the position as head of the Russian secret service, FSB – formerly known as the KGB. More than 200,000 Chechens have been killed, among them 42,000 children. The country has been bombed to smithereens. This is genocide, - this is state terrorism - and the FSB is the world’s largest terrorist organisation.

The Russians have engaged, and are engaging, in extermination and suppression, torture, murder and rape of the Chechen people. The only thing that is new - is the name of the war. Since September 11, 2001, they have been calling the violations ”war against international terrorism,” thereby giving themselves an alibi for their continued crimes.

The Russians have also murdered three Chechen presidents in a row; Dudaev with a missile to his located satellite telephone in 1996, Yandarbiev with a car bomb in Qatar in 2004 (such acts are rightly referred to as international terrorism)– and president Aslan Maskhadov, who was lured into ambush and executed in Chechnya in March of last year. May they rest in peace.

All of this is allowed to take place without the international community reacting as we are supposed to according to the UN Charter and the human rights conventions. The international community, including the Norwegian government, has placed itself on the sideline. This is a gigantic betrayal of a suffering Chechen people, and it sets a terrible precedent for international conflict solving.
Ivar Amundsen, Oslo
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