Monday, March 06, 2006

Murdashev Abducted

At chechnya-sl, Norbert Strade writes:
On 2 March, less than a week after he was visited by the CoE's Human Rights Commissioner, Alvaro Gil-Robles, General Vakhit Murdashev was removed from the Chernokozovo concentration camp by unknown armed men, who took him to an unknown destination by helicopter. His lawyer has issued an urgent appeal in which he says that he fears for Murdashev's life and health and urges the Russian authorities to reveal his whereabouts and to send him back to his current prison. Vakhit Murdashev
is currently registered as a prisoner by the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. Chechenpress suspects that Murdashev is being punished for his courageous behaviour with Gil-Robles, which the latter attested. (Murdashev demanded among other things that the Russian side must enter into peace negotiations with the Chechen government.).

The whole story in Russian

Human rights organizations ought to protest publicly, IMO. It's just 2 days from the anniversary of the treacherous murder of Aslan Maskhadov, and now they kidnap the remaining witness from his cell. The KGB Fascists never do these things without a script.

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