Friday, March 10, 2006

John Blake

In ChickenBones, Rudy Lewis interviews jazz violinist John Blake:
Rudy: I recently found that many consider August Wilson a "black nationalist." You are of the same generation. Do you want to make a revolution? Do you think black music can heal the ails of America? Has that been the project of the black arts?

John: I desire a spiritual awakening for mankind. There is too much hate, greed, and selfishness in this world. Man has made very little progress in this area. My goal in life is to let my light shine in every way it can. I ask God to lead me this way during my life on this earth. I want my life to work towards a better world each and everyday I live. I might not see man evolve to this higher place in my lifetime, but I want to serve in some small part in making it happen.

God is shaping me into who I should be through the gifts and insight He keeps giving me. It will perhaps take many years, for change to take place in the hearts of men. The good works and the love we show others does bring about change.
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