Wednesday, May 17, 2006


From Anthony Barnett's AB Fable label, some new CDs. I've already listened to one of them, Summertime: Rex Stewart - Stuff Smith - the 1963 St. Onge LA Duets & Narration, a fascinating and previously unreleased private recording of the two musicians, trumpeter and violinist, talking about their early days in jazz and playing together unaccompanied by a band, in a completely informal setting.

Gayle Dixon has commented:
To hear two instruments with such distinct timbres blend this way is amazing in itself. Trumpet and violin trade melody and comping duties -- Stuff sets up the changes with short rhythmic statements in double stops, or comps pizzicato as Rex solos. As the violin plays the melody, someone casually hums along in unison. Classic musician humor, ending in gales of laughter, punctuates the session.

To Anthony -- Meticulously produced with artistry and love, you capture the essence of the moment as well as the music. Congratulations on another masterful restoration. This recording is a worthy addition to your Violin Improvisation Studies series, and a service to the music community.

Hear, hear.
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