Monday, May 15, 2006

This Blog Is 2 Today

It's now two years since I began posting to A Step At A Time. The blog has tended to concentrate on regions of public and international concern, especially in areas like Chechnya, the Russian Federation, and Eastern Europe - but its focus has never, I hope, been a narrowly political one. My aim has been - and continues to be - to highlight injustice, while at the same time looking for hope among the writings of the enormous assembly of bloggers, journalists, analysts, chroniclers, diarists and commenters with whom the Internet is populated. I'm heartened and encouraged - there really is a large and growing fund of good will and good intent out there, and a genuine will to tackle the world's problems, which we all share. There's also undeniably a great deal of destructive behaviour and discourse - but surely that's only what one would expect in a medium like the Internet which, almost like a natural element or environment, encompasses the globe itself.

I'll continue to watch and and reflect.
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