Saturday, May 13, 2006

Web Wars

Some odd goings-on in connection with the Kavkaz Center website, which is hosted on a number of different servers, two of which were recently seized and confiscated by Swedish police. Now a site purporting to be the only genuine KC website is publishing disinformation targeting Mikael Storsjö, the Finland-Swedish businessman who was hosting the real KC site on the now confiscated servers in Sweden. An announcement on the cloned site, definitely a fake, and apparently hosted on a server in Reston, Virginia, USA says [my translation]:
The editorial staff of the independent information agency "Kavkaz-Tsentr" requests that the owner of the domains,,,,, Mikael Storsjö should relinquish the post of information policy director of the above-mentioned sites, and also transfer control of these domains to any person from the editorial staff of "Kavkaz-Tsentr" or other independent media of the ChRI.

The "Kavkaz-Tsentr" collective does not intend to further tolerate the information policy that is being conducted by Mr Storsjo at the above-mentioned domains, which are considered to be the core sites [osnovnye sayty] of "Kavkaz-Tsentr".
In fact, Mr Storsjö is not the owner of the mentioned sites. As Norbert Strade has pointed out, "most of them are owned by Visami Tutuyev in Tbilisi, Georgia, who has been the formal owner of them for years. I.e., they continue to be under the control of the 'real' Kavkaz-Center people ([Movladi] Udugov)."

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