Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Division of America

Writing in JWR, David Horowitz warns of the consequences of what he calls the division of America, and the influence of the blame America-firsters, "whose hysterical fear of the reality we face takes the form of pathological denial which causes them to project the enemy's rabid hatred for us onto our own commander-in-chief":
One month into the fighting which began with the attacks on Israel, the scenario for the West's defeat in this phase of the war is quite obvious and quite simple.

The appeasers of Islamo-fascism who have been calling for a cease fire and bewailing "civilian casualties" in Lebanon and Gaza will succeed. Hezbollah will agree to turn over its arms to the pro-Hezbollah Lebanese army. The pro-Hezbollah UN will establish a security zone on Lebanon's southern border to keep the area clear of non-government militias (of which Hezbollah is the only one). The credulous in the Western camp will greet this as a victory for the peacemakers. But exactly the opposite will be the case.

According to a recent poll in Lebanon eighty percent of the Lebanese Arabs support Hezbollah. In other words, just as Hamas (created by the same Muslim Brotherhood as spawned al-Qaeda) is now the Palestinian government, so Hezbollah will emerge as the government of Lebanon. The Lebanese army will become the new Hezbollah "militia," with 75,000 soldiers added to its terrorist ranks. Only this won't be a militia. It will be the terrorist army of a sovereign power enjoying the right to openly negotiate its arms deals with Syria and Iran. The next battle with Iran, in other words, will be World War III.
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