Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Power of Images in the Media War

It seems that Reuters has been doctoring photos from Beirut to make the damage from aerial bombardment look worse than it actually is. (Via lgf)

Meanwhile, the Jerusalem Post has an editorial complaining about the poor quality of Israeli media management:
Hizbullah and the Palestinians know the value of propaganda. They often fight their media battles by the dirtiest possible means. An expose in these pages on Thursday by former Sunday Telegraph correspondent Tom Gross revealed that Hizbullah officers supervise CNN reports, that a CBS reporter admitted Hizbullah overseers determine what's filmed, that repeated shots of several downed buildings lend Beirut the erroneous image of devastated WWII Dresden, that journalists are threatened, that Hizbullah holds their passports for ransom, that their analyses are skewed to curry favor, and so on.

Not only doesn't Israel engage in significant preemptive damage control, it often seems resigned to lose by default. The axiomatic official Israeli attitude often seems to be that "the world hates us."

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