Saturday, August 05, 2006

An Unjust Resolution

It's hard to see how the draft resolution on the cessation of violence that has just been agreed between the U.S. and France can be accepted by Israel - or, for that matter, by the international community. For it legitimizes Hizballah, a terrorist group that is not a national state. It puts Hizballah on an equal footing with a democratic country which has suffered aggression at their hands.

A ceasefire on this basis would merely allow Hizballah to regroup and rearm, while allowing Syria and Iran to escape responsibility for what has happened.

In any case, the document is being rejected by the Lebanese and Hizballah.

Reuters has published the text. reports at 02:13 Moscow time Sunday that Hizballah has given the thumbs down to the draft resolution. Lebanese Hizballah minister Muhammad Fanish is quoted as saying: "We reject any ceasefire agreement while Israeli soldiers are in Southern Lebanon." This follows the Lebanese government's announcement that it "does not agree" with the resolution, the discussion of which it considers "premature" (, August 6).
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