Thursday, October 05, 2006

AIA News Briefs

Items in today’s AIA Eurasian Secret Services Daily Review:

Russia urges Belarus to end visa-free travel for Georgians

Georgia protests against FSB-backed gangs vandalizing its Moscow Embassy

Russian President fires Karelian FSB and police chiefs

Former chief of district department of Ichkeria’s security service surrendered in Chechnya

FSB active in stepping up efforts to persuade militants to surrender in Ingushetia

United States Secret Service, Russian federal agencies join forces against financial crimes

Russia’s FSB chief interviewed by Moscow weekly

Russian Federal Security Service employee killed in Dagestan

Moscow court extends arrest of research centre head for one more month

Belarus KGB overlooks local fascists

The SIS agent and the KGB: a book on clandestine meetings in dead of night

Three presidential runners in Bulgaria with secret service past

New Romanian intelligence chiefs officially sworn in

Deal with Romania’s Hungarian party allegedly helped to achieve approval of intelligence agencies heads

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