Monday, October 02, 2006

'Handover Ceremony' Aired Live

Via Civil Georgia:

Georgian television stations aired live footage of the handover of four Russian military officers charged with spying to the OSCE on October 2.

The handover took place in front of the Georgian General Prosecutor’s Office.

A police guard escorted four Russian officers from the building of the General Prosecutor’s Office and then an official from the prosecutor’s office read the official accusations to each of the suspects.

“You are accused of espionage against Georgia… for this reason you are being expelled from the country. Starting from this moment, you are banned from entering the territory of Georgia,” the statement read in part.

Then a delegation of the OSCE led by Chairman-in-Office, Belgian Foreign Minister Karel De Gucht, and accompanied by Georgian Foreign Minister Gela Bezhuashvili appeared in the yard.

Following Deputy Interior Minister Eka Zguladze’s announcement that Georgia is handing over the spy suspects to the OSCE, the police guard escorted the Russian officers to OSCE cars, which took them to the Tbilisi airport. The Russian Emergency Ministry sent its plane on October 2 to return the officers to Russia.

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