Monday, October 02, 2006

Russia Accuses U.S.

From Kommersant:

/ Russia and the U.S. are fighting over Georgia

Russian President Vladimir Putin has openly accused the West of throwing its weight behind Georgia, saying Georgian authorities act “with support of foreign sponsors.” Thus he has made clear that Moscow in fact fights Washington rather than Tbilisi in the current Russian-Georgian conflict. Russia and the United States have entered an open struggle over Georgia and do not even try to hide it.

Russia Makes a Threat

Vladimir Putin said yesterday at a session with permanent members of the Russian Security Council in his Novo-Ogaryovo residence who actually is behind the spy scandal in Georgia and arrests of Russian officers. “There are forces whose job is to create more new crises, thinking that it will distract attention from old problems,” the president said. “It may have this effect in the short term outlook. But it will hardly help settle old deep-rooted international crises.”

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