Friday, November 10, 2006


Daniel Schaer of the International Staff Policy Division at the Estonian Foreign Ministry writes to say that links to the presentations from the recent e-Voting Conference that was held in Tallinn on October 27-28 have now been published on the e-Governance Academy website.

The presentations include the following:

“Study of e-voting in the 2005 local elections in Estonia”, Alexander H. Trechsel

“Eesti e-hääletamise kogemus”, Ivar Tallo

“Comparative aspects of e-voting… “, Fernando Mendez

“A constitutional framework for Internet voting projects”, Jordi Barrat i Esteve

“e-voting in Europe - standards, policy practice and perspectives”, Michael Remmert

Ülle Madise

“Election observation and new technologies”, Jonathan Stonestreet

“Usaldusest ja läbipaistvusest”, Epp Maaten

“The use of Internet in political campaigns”, Thad Hall

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