Saturday, December 16, 2006

Estonia and Ukraine

The presidents of Estonia and Ukraine have issued a joint declaration, committing their countries to a programme of bilateral cooperation. In particular, the declaration notes:

8. Presence of national minorities – Estonian national minority in Ukraine and Ukrainian national minority in Estonia, assurance of their rights, satisfaction of language, cultural, educational, informational and other needs have positive impact on bilateral relationship of two countries;

9. Improving conditions for mutual trade and investment is a common goal, especially bearing in mind the growing interest of European investors in Ukraine’s markets;

10. Secure energy supplies and transparency in the energy sector, as well as joint participation in energy projects, are gaining importance in Estonian-Ukrainian cooperation, and need to be expanded further on the basis of the principles of the European Energy Charter;

11. Both countries wish to cooperate in the development of the transport corridor between the regions of the Black and Baltic Seas, and the increasing of the range of container transport in the Caucasian-Caspian and Scandinavian directions;

12. Estonia and Ukraine note the importance of adhering to international law, principles of sovereignty, territorial integrity and good neighborly relations in the settlement of so-called “frozen” conflicts in Europe, including Transnistria and conflicts in the Southern Caucasus, as well as disputes between states. Solving these conflicts, as soon as possible, in a peaceful way, and according to the aforementioned principles, is of immense importance to regional security and stability, as well as to the development of the states concerned;

(hat tip: Leopoldo)
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