Thursday, December 21, 2006

Moscow Targets Zakayev - II

In the comments, Jeremy Putley has contributed a note on the Zakayev/Berezovsky "extradition" case:
Yuri Chaika's posturing is in anticipation of an impending announcement by HM government concerning the murder of a British citizen on British soil, with disclosures that will include a statement confirming that the murder was executed by Russian agents acting on the instructions of a highly-placed Kremlin official. Measures to be announced will include a large number of personnel at the Russian embassy being expelled from the country, and severe impairment of international relations until Putin goes.

Chaika's "extradition" efforts are therefore anticipatory posturing and disinformation, essentially the type of hypocrisy we saw in the bad old cold war days. Chaika is well aware that his extradition case is bound to fail, the more so because it is well known in the West that the Russian judicial system is as corrupt as the Russian "security" services. No court will ever extradite suspects to Russia's travesty of a system of justice.
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