Sunday, December 10, 2006

Marina Litvinenko: Russian authorities behind Litvinenko's murder

Marina Litvinenko, Alexander Litvinenko’s widow, has said she believes the Russian authorities could be behind her husband’s murder. The Daily Mail has a long and exclusive interview with her. Excerpt:

She says: “Sasha was a very emotional person. He could blame Putin. Obviously it was not Putin himself, of course not. But what Putin does around him in Russia makes it possible to kill a British person on British soil. I believe that it could have been the Russian authorities.

‘I will tell the police everything I can’

“The Russian authorities have not yet been in touch with me yet but I know they are planning their own investigation. I do not think that I will help them with their investigations. I can’t believe that they will tell the truth. I can’t believe if they ask about evidence they will use it in the proper way.”

Instead, she is putting her trust in the British authorities. She says: “I have helped them and will tell the police everything I can. I believe that these are the people who will find out who murdered my husband and that is the most important thing to me.

“Now I will do everything I can for Sasha. I cannot be exactly like him but I can do everything to keep his good memory, the memory of a good friend, a good husband and a good father.

“Everything he did, he did it in full. In some way he was like a child. He believed people and he could only see the good in them.”

And it was that kind nature - the willingness to put his trust in people - that Marina Litvinenko believes killed her husband in the end.

The Sunday Times (UK) has a separate interview with Marina Litvinenko here.

And Sky News's Kay Burley has another interview here.

The video of the Sky interview is here.

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