Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mikhail Trepashkin

Mikhail Trepashkin is the only one of the people in Russia who investigated the 1999 apartment block explosions who remains alive today. All the others - the last of which was Alexander Litvinenko - have been murdered.

The British detectives who have gone to Moscow to investigate Litvinenko’s murder have been told by the Russian authorities that under no circumstances will they be permitted to interview Mr. Trepashkin, whom Moscow accuses of having betrayed state secrets.

Mikhail Trepashkin, who was arrested in 2006, is being held in a prison some 140 kilometres north of Yekaterinburg (formerly known as Sverdlovsk) on the eastern side of the Ural mountains. Although he is ill, he has been systematically tortured and exposed to extreme cold. He may soon die, and his testimony on the globally threatening events now taking place within the Russian special services, both inside Russia and in the world at large, may well be lost.

It’s possible to read about the Trepashkin case at this website.

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