Sunday, August 17, 2008

Estonians vent anger at Finland's Lipponen over Nord Stream

Estonians vent anger at Finland's Lipponen over Nord Stream
Friday, 15 August 2008 15:14

Paavo Lipponen's decision to become an advisor for the undersea gas pipeline joint venture Nord Stream has incurred the ire of the Estonians, many of whom are strongly opposed to the project.

After [Finnish] national daily Helsingin Sanomat broke the story on Friday, two MPs belonging to government parties strongly criticised the move in Estonian paper Eesti Päevaleht, with one of them calling it a flagrant example of economic corruption.

Dozens of writers on the public area of the website of Estonian daily Postimees branded Mr Lipponen as a traitor and Finland as "Pipestan".

The Nord Stream gas pipeline is to run from Russia to Germany along the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Estonia has not allowed Nord Stream to even conduct surveys in its coastal waters.
Mr Lipponen, a former Finnish prime minister and speaker of Parliament, is to act as an intermediary between German-Russian Nord Stream and the Finnish decision makers in order to speed up the process for obtaining the environmental permits for the pipe.


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