Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sarkozy became a messenger of Moscow's coercion

Jamestown's Vladimir Socor has an analysis of the method by which Moscow has already succeeded in invalidating the six-point French-brokered peace plan, and pinpoints President Sarkozy as the initiator of this process. A couple of brief excerpts from a long and carefully researched study:

Russia has junked the six-point agreement in the traditional way of Russian and Soviet diplomacy in Europe’s East: It eviscerates an international agreement of its content while preserving its carcass for continuing reference to excuse Kremlin actions.


The Georgians yielded to Sarkozy’s argument that failure to sign the document would immediately trigger the occupation of Tbilisi by Russian troops. By descending on Tbilisi with this argument straight from his tete-a-tete with Medvedev, the French president became in effect a messenger of Russian coercion of Georgia.

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