Monday, August 18, 2008

Timeline August 18 []


Timeline of Events in the Russian Invasion & Occupation of Georgia

The information below is accurate to the best of our knowledge but is subject to verification.

18 August

18:30 Russian armored vehicles have moved from Igoeti to the village of Odzisi south of Akhalgori.

17:30 Russian military plane entered Georgian airspace from North near Stefantsminda (Kasbegi). It flew towards Jinvali dam, overflew it and returned.  

17:30 Georgian police check point attacked by Russian Military near Igoeti. Tanks run over Police Cars.

  • Russian armored vehicles began movement from Igoeti towards Akhalgori. On the checkpoint of Georgian police they crashed police cars and continued their movement towards Akhalgori.

16:00 Russian military are exploding barracks and other infrastructures  of the Senaki military base.

13:00 Russian Troops start movement towards Sachkhere and Borjomi, most probably for reconnaissance purposes.

11:00 Russian Troops block roads around Kaspi .

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