Monday, September 27, 2004

Predominantly Russian targets

Among others, VOA News and AFP have reports on a recent statement by Cyprus's Justice Minister Doros Theodorou. AFP has him claiming that

"There are Chechens and other terrorist groups over there (north) being trained" ...

"But we are mainly talking about Chechens who are trained to hit predominantly Russian targets," he said.

Russian propaganda really is working.

It seems that nowadays it's de rigueur for government figures in Western countries who want to sharpen up their anti-terrorist credentials to claim that "Chechens" are responsible for terrorism there. And who or what might the non-Russian targets of the "Chechen terrorists" be?

It's not really a secret any more that the part of Cyprus Mr Theodorou hails from is the main repository for the goods, money and assets that have been looted from Russia - and Chechnya - by Russian government mafiosi.

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