Monday, September 20, 2004

Viktoras Petkus

"How can I comment on the fact that our government gave way before the Kremlin?" the well-known Lithuanian dissident, former deputy to the parliament Viktoras Petkus said to RZ. He admitted that lately the server on which the Kavkazcenter site was opened was located in his Vilnius apartment. "This server has been moved from apartment to apartment, because of pressure from the authorities. I've agreed to set it up at my place. I'm afraid of nothing. Fighting for independence of Lithuania I had spent 26 years in the Soviet prisons and camps of the Gulag. I had four convictions, under Stalin's government and in the later period. There can be no double standards in the fight for independence and self-determination of nations," Petkus added.

Agents of Lithuanian Security Department didn't enter his apartment. The website has been blocked by use of technical means.

Robert Mickiewicz in Vilnius

tr. Marius at C-SL (minor edits)

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