Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Collapse of the Left

Melanie Phillips, on the bankruptcy of the British Left, which is now peddling imagery more reminiscent of the crude "lampoons" that characterized Soviet journalism of the 1960s,than of anything else:
The anti-Israel Guardian has lived up to its vile reputation. Its cartoonist Martin Rowson depicts a huge mailed fist with Stars of David as knuckledusters hammering down upon a bloody child while a wasp, representing Hezbollah, buzzes ineffectually around.

This loathsome image accurately conveys the disgusting mindset of the British left: that Israel is a brutal and gigantic oppressor, that Hezbollah is a minor irritant and that Iran and Syria are simply not in the picture at all. Furthermore, by using Stars of David it also crosses the (mythical) line between ‘criticism of Israel’ and vilification of the Jewish people and takes its place in the hideous pantheon of Judeophobic images.
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