Saturday, July 15, 2006

Friends Extradited - V

The Friends Extradited website has the latest press coverage of the NatWest Three, now in Texas facing trial, but granted a week's bail. From the U.K. Times:
They must return to court on Friday, where Judge Stephen Smith will hear more arguments from the US Justice Department and the men’s lawyers before ruling whether they will be free to return to Britain before their trial begins on September 11.

The three were wearing casual dress rather than the green jumpsuits, chains and shackles with which the state of Texas usually adorns those passing through its law enforcement system. During last night’s hearing Leo Wise, one of the US Government prosecutors, told Judge Smith that the three had “absolutely no ties” to the US and represented a serious flight risk.

He said that the Government proposed a package of bail conditions including residence in Texas, electronic tagging, a lien to be placed on each of the former bankers’ homes, and each to put up a “significant amount of cash” as a bond.

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